Dentistry – A Fragmented Field

“He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Fellowship of the Ring

Human science fragments everything in order to understand it, kills everything in order to
examine it.”
Leo Tolstoy, from War and Peace

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What is Dentistry?

If you ask the above question to any number of people, from general dentists, to patients, to
dental educators, dental technicians, and specialists, you will get different answers. There is an
old Indian story which has spread through many cultures over the ages. In the story, six blind
men are asked to describe an elephant. Each man is told to feel a different part of the elephant,
but only one part, such as the leg or the tusk. Predictably, each man offers a vastly different
assessment. One says an elephant is like a rope (tail), while another says it’s like a pillar (leg), or
a fan (ear). They argue. Each man is convinced that his experience is the correct one.
All of the men are correct. Each part is described in explicit detail. The problem arises when
each individual point of view is mistaken as describing the whole truth. By taking too narrow a
focus, we can miss the forest through the trees. The problem comes when people become
attached to their very narrow points of view.
This parable is a great example of one of dentistry’s biggest problems … fragmentation.
Dentistry is not unique in this regard. Many industries are compartmentalized and reduced to
their individual components. How we define something determines how we treat it. As they
say, in order to tame it, you must name it.Most, when asked, will tell
you it is the science of teeth and gums.

It is beyond that!!


The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success, First Edition. Barry Polansky.

© 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Published 2018 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.




After the years , The desperate soul ,

Needed the sparkles of your time.

I learnt to smile under the veil,

I call it hope, not a crime.

The Soul touched down, didn’t You see,

I haven’t seen , but in your eyes,

A different tale flows by,

I call it fate, and accept with cries

The end is end, but time travels,

It will heal but memories stay,

Some aching ,and some relieving,

I call it love , but some dismay.


Light and Shadow- Episode 2 / Of the Diary


“I searched for a person once,

But infact I chose myself”

The opportunities and chances in our life act as light sinks or you can say “Success sinks” and their constraints serve as Shadows.

There are two things to opt ,either we choose to devise ways to get succeed (Follow Light) or we follow the negativities (Shadows/Darkness) of our life.

There may be thousands of success stories around us but the common thing observed in them is the individuality , the priority they give themselves to achieve the feat. We must learn to value ourselves.

Any element of Life ( Relations, love , Financial pressure etc) ,that regresses the motion towards our goal are the shadows of life. We have to be prepared for the whole as these are inevitable.

So ,we must create a balance between these two factors, infact it’s a difficult task but not impossible, to achieve the courage to make our dreams true!

Thank you!


Everyone knows ups and downs are part of life. Time is on for everybody. No one can traverse back.

When the time is hard on us, do fight with patience , taking hardworking as a tool and wait for the results. Success has no shortcuts. It demands our time as fuel.

It needs honesty and patience to achieve the goal . What if we fail ?

That’s what I am trying to say is be patient and gather yourself to restart, with more energy!

Leaf and the Life – Autumnal opinions


The floral view entirely changes when the Autumn arrives. Some would say it’s the end of summered trips but infact it is a beginning of a new time .

The temperature is dripping down

like the hopes of most people. There is a rush of businesses but slowing down gradually with grimace.

The winds of palenesses blow away the leaves from their home because they are feeble and not enough to retaliate. They know the destiny has arrived and they have to leave . It’s not only about perishing of leaves but their journey from a bud along with blossoms which is appealing in it’s sense. It’s about existence of a period or we can say the Life.

On the other side of the coin, we are born, we grow, we rise and ultimately we fall. Time is fixed. What gives the Life it’s meaning is to display the Life in such a way that it adds something in a positive sense to the great storyline of nature.

*Open for suggestions*

By Dr Ebnis

Amid a Confusion – Episode 1/Of the Diary

Let’s begin!


I entered the world inadvertently

Accepting the indomitable fate

For Esteem, I had to stay , But

The dream was pushing me out!

Things forgotten,time drained

Seasons passed ,snowed and rained

I began to fall for the chair

New Home , and the public fear!

Dominance in disguise

With White Coat and pride

New advices and the discipline

And that time saving elevator ride!